New ScreenLine W Smart system

Battery-operated solar powered motorized integrated blind system

Innovative design, improved functionalities and anti-microbial treatment: these are just few developments offered by ScreenLine W Smart, the new battery-operated solution enriching Pellini SpA’s range of integrated blind systems.

ScreenLine® integrated blind systems by Pellini SpA are manufactured by encapsulating a blind (Venetian, Pleated or Roller) into an insulating glass unit. The movement of the blind, in both manual and motorised systems, does not compromise the insulating properties of the insulating glass unit and is performed in a totally sealed environment, ensuring total protection against dirt, dust or weather conditions, making maintenance unnecessary. 

Among the innovations introduced by Pellini SpA in 2020 there is the “Smart” release of the “W” system, a range of venetian, pleated and black-out blinds encapsulated within a 20, 22, 27, 29 or 32-mm airspace, equipped with a 3.6V internal motor, and powered by a lithium-ion battery housed in a restyled battery module. The battery can be either recharged via a micro-USB connector or by means of an external solar panel, both available as options; the blind can also be controlled by a 99-channel remote control, associated with the radio receiver that is integrated in the battery module as standard.

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The innovation brought by the new battery module is not only about style, which was developed by professional designers, but also about the functionality of the device, which was improved by the introduction of two L.E.D. arrows that intuitively show the commands given to the blind through the module or the need for recharging. The limited size of the device (only 18 mm thick) allows it to be placed even on sliding windows, in vertical or horizontal position.


Moreover, for the first time in the field of integrated blind systems, the new release of the W system allows the information about each blind to be stored directly on the battery module attached on the glass or the window frame, thus avoiding the need to associate a specific control device with a specific window.

The design stage of the new system also focused on customisation possibilities, whereby IG manufacturers and window makers can order, optionally and for a small surcharge, the battery module in any colour in the RAL range and with their logo printed, and also on the disposal of the battery module at the end of its life, with only 4 elements making up the device.

The “W Smart” system is ideal for residential and commercial environments and can be used in all types of windows, even existing ones. The system can be fitted quickly and easily and is halfway between a manual system and a hard-wired motorised system.