space&interiors makes its debut and scores a resounding success!

The next edition of MADE expo will take place from 8_11 March 2017 at the Milan Fairgrounds, Rho, Italy

Interior architecture and finishes set to steal the scene at the third MADE expo WorldWide.


10 June 2016

MADE expo sponsor dell’edizione primaverile del Forum Serramenti 2016

MADE expo, da sempre punto di riferimento per le aziende del settore delle costruzioni e attenta osservatrice dei cambiamenti di mercato, è sponsor del Forum Serramenti 2016 e parteciperà attivamente con l’intervento pomeridiano tenuto da Lorenzo Marini Group “MADE expo: una case history di rebranding e nuova comunicazione”, in cui presenterà la nuova identità in vista dell’edizione 2017.
23 May 2016

MADE expo 2017: an ever richer and more varied events programme

The Fair programme is more appealing than ever, with the return of events that have attracted thousands of industry professionals to the Fair – the BuildSmart arena, the Forum Serramenti, and MADE4Contract for contract business with a focus on finishings and surfaces – along with brand new innovation-led opportunities such as MADE for StartUP, a project that pursues the ambition of uniting creators while fostering innovation in architecture and the construction industry.
02 May 2016


The claim “MADE in Italy, MADE for you” chosen to accompany the new image designed for the Fair by the international Lorenzo Marini Group agency sums up how concrete the event is: a high-impact, iconic, polyhedral-shaped graphic symbol conceived to confirm MADE expo’s role as the “doers’ fair” thanks to its ability to conduct a dialogue with the construction industry and the business that revolves around it.
15 April 2016

space&interiors IS OPEN UNTIL THE 16th YOU CAN’T MISS OUT!

Scores of design professionals are visiting space&interiors, the new Event dedicated to the excellence in architectural materials and finishes.

Admission is free! Find out more on 


We have been informed that a company based in Mexico, named EXPO GUIDE SC, has been sent communications to exhibitors at events and trade shows, offering to pay for the publication of an advertisement in a virtual catalog on
In this offer EXPO GUIDE uses the name of MADE expo and that of other exhibitions.
We want to point out that we have not authorized EXPO GUIDE to use our trade mark MADE expo and we are completely unrelated to the activities of that company.


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