The Sun Factory - Italy

We create solutions for people to enjoy the sun all year round and to allow them to live enlightened, brilliant moments in Stanza del Sole.

With enthusiasm, we design and create sun awnings and pergolas and accessories like glass doors, lighting and sound systems and heaters. We bring the Made in Italy to the world, along with excellence and a genuine sun-centered culture, promoting an Italian lifestyle enjoyed in the light.

Our products are the result of a structured design process which aims at finding the best balance between functionality, technique and aesthetics.

Our Creative Team designs solutions that reinvent outdoor spaces to enhance them and improve their livability.

Click Zip Ghost

Click Zip Ghost

Vertical drop awning, in a box with a quadrangular section, equipped with guides with a ZIP system that integrates the patented Mag Lock magnetic lock system. The distinctive feature of the awning is the front profile, able to enter inside the box and therefore be invisible when the awning is rolled up. The box can be inspected from below and is equipped with a mobile closing system. The awning, if equipped with recessed guides, can be completely integrated into the window block.