CERTI.S SRL - Sustainability, competences, certification

Certi.s is an independent certification body that operates in the construction sector.

We certify the professional figures involved in the building process, whose way of working is the key factor to achieve high quality standard in building construction, in order to satisfy the most advanced performance and durability requirements. We are accredited for the certification of persons, by means of the certificate 115/C issued by Accredia.

We deal with construction products, standards and contract documents, which are the references for the inspection activities that we carry out on behalf of companies or other certification bodies, in the field of CE marking of construction products.

The certification of the installer of doors and windows concerns the activity of the person who installs doors, windows, blinds and screen doors and is based on the standards of the series UNI 117673. It is a certificate of merit obtained by means of a theoretical and practical exam in which the knowledge, ability and competences of the installer are evaluated. The certification is the way in which the installer can differentiate himself on the market, offering the customer the guarantee of a quality service.