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The technical requirements for energy-efficient and long-term building seals are increasing all the time. Our innovative product solutions have a positive effect on the energy balance of buildings, at the same time promoting a healthy internal climate. Factors such as air-tightness, permanent movement, weather-resistance, emissions free, thermal and acoustic insulation as well as humidity and fire protection are important properties of a standard conforming building seal. The constant quality of our sealing systems is monitored regularly by independent institutes according to the very latest standards and regulations.

 Seal windows professionally with just one product

Seal windows professionally with just one product

ISO-BLOCO ONE - The ingenious 3-in-1 solution for 100 % joint airtightness

Replace three products with just one: ISO-BLOCO ONE. The multi-functional joint sealing tape with outstanding functionality in three levels is 100 per cent air tight and vapour-resistant on the inside, provides thermal and sound insulation in the centre and more than 1,000 Pa resistance to driving rain on the outside.