2020 Serramentour

Serramentour is an initiative aimed at door and window fitters, dealers, showroom managers, fitters, builders, agents and installers who will have the opportunity to take advantage of the presence of highly competent and authoritative speakers with technical coordination by the Nuova Finestra editorial staff together with the organizational professionalism of MADE expo.

A cycle of 3 events that will take place throughout Italy, devised by MADE expo and Nuova Finestra and designed to promote high level discussion of the most pressing issues in terms of technical, commercial and market expectations in the cladding and fixtures and fittings sector

10 reasons to partner with Serramentour 2020


  • Serramentour was created by a partnership between MADE expo,  Nuova Finestra  and Showroom- players with a proven track record of
    success and competence in the world of doors and windows - and offers development and formation on the most current legal, technical, commercial, and market considerations for the door and window and buildingenvelope markets.
  • From the beginning, Serramentour was warmly
    welcomed and appreciated by all leading enterprises
  • Serramentour speakers are all selected from among the most brilliant and competent experts
    in the field: the engagement of door and window manufacturers is guaranteed!
  • Through planned marketing campaigns,
    the visibility of partner companies extends beyond the confines of the actual event, reaching professionals before, during and after the event through the newsletters sent to more than 200,000 professionals and 19,000 social media (Facebook followers)
  • The Serramentour formula enables partner companies to engage with the domestic market and activate local resources
  • The formula enables companies to get together with door and window manufacturers, resellers, showroom managers, contractors, manufacturers, agents and local installers and launch and consolidate professional relationships and collaborations in an interactive and stimulating contest

  • Serramentour reaches across all category associations

  • The participation of professionals at the event is ensured by the invitation campaign conducted in the area by the organizers

  • Partner companies will be sent the list of participants who have granted explicit permission authorization* to share personal data
    *in accordance with the GDPR regulation

  • The partnership proposals reserved for companies are modular and very easy to manage