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Today, Made in Sidel means quality and so much other: social responsibility, nature care, a well structured business network and an active customer care. Our products are made respecting the "traditional way", and this let us create durable products over time.

As Damiani family wants, today still leading Sidel, modern technologies and automated processes are instruments to improve aesthetics, functionality and security.


The n.1 objective is always to amaze our customers with high-quality products, suitable to different styles and tastes, tailored perfectly for every house and everyone.



URBAN is a design masterpiece, built with high level details. All shapes mix together, and the warm light come easily in you house.
Note that the glazing let you save energy costs due to the thermical

Realized in oak and coated with oil based paints, the URBAN series turns in a modern window with a traditional touch.

The URBAN window is the final expression of a flexible style, suitable in all living contexts.
Best placement is in wide spaces, in order to obtain a sense of well-being and internal peace. The window is able to give you a greatness perception due to the minimal shapes.

Perfect choice  if you want to enhance your spaces.

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