LMX 650: freedom of choice

The machining unit tooled up with max 18 electrospindles and the cutting unit with infinite 360° blade rotation produce a continuous flow of processed and cut to measure elements.

The result of years of work and experience at Fom Industrie's R&D department in Cattolica, LMX650 is a system capable of producing elements that are machined and cut to measure using a multispindle work centre and a sawing machine driven by 4 controlled axes.

Its flexibility makes it the ideal partner not only for customers in the door and window manufacturing industry, but also those in the continuous façade, car and furniture sectors. It can be used to process large size profiles of various shapes.

LMX650 has been created to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market that expects a high-end product to include digital integration with the factory and management systems typical of Industry 4.0, extensive working areas, high productivity for standard mass production but also for batch-one production.

The system can manage up to 50 NC-controlled driven axes and can perform automatic format changes.

The downfeed cutting unit with continuously rotating 650mm blade and the facing mill unit make up Module X. In front of Module X is the multispindle machining unit capable of housing up to 18 electrospindles with rapid tool change (HSK) to machine the four faces of the profile. Tilting electrospindles for oblique machining operations are also available with pneumatic or controlled drive rotation.

The large soundproof cabin, housing Module X and the multispindle machining unit, guarantees great visibility for the machining operations, and the luminous Fom Industrie logo on top takes on different colours to indicate the machine status.

Extreme care in the design combines with technological research that is able to optimise the performance of the Fom Industrie system. LMX650 is covered by six patents, filed as the result of careful design, rigour, commitment and spirit of innovation that has always been a feature of Fom Industrie.



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