When a window is not simply a window

Wooden profiles with extreme minimal sections, thanks to which  is possible to ensure contemporary aesthetics, to guarantee the maximum contribution of natural light, to achieve  high level of performance in every aspect. magis40 is the system made with the exclusive uni_one technology by Uniform.

Produced with uni_one technology

Produced with uni_one technology

Among the news proposed by Uniform, a prominent place is given to the magis40 line, an open-in model characterized by many significant aesthetic and performance pluses.

magis40, also available in a lift and slide model (HS-magis40) and in an open-out model (format38), allows the unprecedented possibility to design the wall, freeing it from any other disturbing element, making space and light the protagonists of the furniture. Its design makes it possible to decide whether the window can assume the role of protagonist or become a more discreet element in the living layout.

magis40 encloses and enhances uni_one technology and is enriched by very thin wooden profiles, which allow a greater use of external brightness, without having to give up the warmth of the wooden material. In this line, the wooden door, which measures only 40 mm of visible section and the concealed hardware, completely invisible, guarantee a minimal and discreet aesthetic appearance, which leaves space for the protagonism of the glass surface. To underline the great technical work carried out to offer an aesthetic equivalence between the fixed and the opening element, both in the internal and external view, thanks to an exclusive concealed accessories for sash locking patented by the Company as well as the lack of rabbets in the sash.


Thanks to the installation flush with the wall, which allows to completely hide the wooden frame, magis40 is a solution particularly suitable for new buildings, while in case of renovation works the use of plasterable covers allows an easy intervention and installation.

Regarding performance, it should be noted that magis40 declares a thermal insulation value up to Uw=0.72W/m2K, a result that no frame with the same minimal characteristics, in aluminium or steel, can match today. Very high performance levels also for sound insulation, wind, water and air permeability.

That's why with magis40 it becomes reductive to talk only about windows.