Safety, anti-seismic protection, sustainability, circularity of materials, modularity and speed of development: the language of construction systems offers a common thread.

At MADE PROJECT & BUILDING the various materials do not compete, rather they “talk” to each other: wood, concrete, steel, bricks, mixed and dry systems grant the visitor both traditional and innovative construction solutions by which to achieve the best possible performance in all development types.
The MADE PROJECT & BUILDING range is completed by the tools needed to survey and manage the territory and adapt and adjust the relevant infrastructures.

It is the authoritative programme of congresses and events that establishes proper connections between solutions, innovation and scientific and regulatory state-of-the-art.

Structure and construction systems in concrete, wood, steel,
brick and dry systems | anti-seismic systems and planning |
construction site technologies and equipment | safety and security
| measurement, testing and control | drones | landscaping, urban
finishing and equipped green spaces


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