MADE Doors, Windows & Industrial Closures

MADE DOORS, WINDOWS & INDUSTRIAL CLOSURE  is “the place to be” for door and window manufacturers, designers, retailers and constructions companies: here design interprets the best technology for comfort and safety.

Windows and doors, both internal doors, front doors and interior partitions and handles flaunting a minimalist or classic design, together with the hardware, accessories, technical closures and protection and fire-fighting systems surprise visitors with innovative solutions that range from home automation applications to integrated CMV, thermal and acoustic insulation or even anti break-in options.

Events, debate spaces, B2B meetings and live demonstrations allow professionals to try out the solutions for themselves and identify areas where their businesses can grow.

Windows | insulation glass-block systems | roller blinds and shutters | technical and industrial doors | home automation | security and safety system for windows | hardware, accessories, semi-finished products, components and technologies for doors and windows | handles | interior partitions | apartment doors | front doors


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