Comfort is quality, sustainability of solutions for insulating and protecting living areas, air quality and aesthetic quality.

MADE COMFORT LIVING encompasses high-performance materials for construction and requalification, improving the overall quality of the home, flanking technology and decoration. The products and materials for floors and walls go beyond simple decoration to extend their technical qualities, choosing high performance supports and backgrounds that speed up and simplify installation; paints do not merely surprise with material effects, but rather reclaim environments and complete the requalification of façades with insulation coating systems.

MADE COMFORT LIVING is the hub for professionals, businesses and installers, who use the finish to optimise the construction.

Materials and prefabricated elements | chemical, insulation,
waterproofing, remediation and protection | comfort | colours,
external finishes and interior decoration | energy saving systems for
building | controlled mechanical ventilation | flooring and finishes
| surfaces, materials and finishing products for interior design |
stairs and homelift | bathroom finishing | fireplaces | curtains for
interiors | components, semi-finished and accessories for design,
contract and interior decoration


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