Get ready to discover the largest and most varied exhibition of excellence in the field of pergolas, awnings, shading and blocking systems, sun and anti-insect screens, canvasses, tension-based fabric structures and marquees in the Outdoor Sun-Sation Area in Hall 1

Solutions for extending the comfort, quality and design that characterize interior living spaces to outdoor areas have reached an extremely high standard of performance: MADE Expo 2019 is celebrating the excellence of this sector by bringing them together in an area with the evocative title of Outdoor Sun-Sation Area. Innovative technological solutions - some presented in exclusive previews at MADE expo 2019 - allow designers to create real all year round living spaces, enjoying close contact with the surrounding environment in parks, gardens, terraces, beaches, streets and city squares while constantly being protected from the sun, wind, rain and extreme weather conditions.


Pergolas and screens are able to reply to sudden and unexpected changes in the weather with protective systems and closures in glass, PVC, wood and  technical fabrics as well as with sophisticated insulated adjustable slats that transform bioclimatic pergolas into rooms that offer a pleasant microclimate in every season.

Attention paid to sustainability means that pergolas offer an insulation function between indoor and outdoor which improves  both thermal-acoustic comfort and the building’s energy efficiency. To improve energy performance, research has focused on a notable integration of automation systems in sun screening and blocking and protection management, even through the use of mobile devices.

At the  MADE Outdoor Sun-Sation Area you will find a number of top names including Ab Class, Africa Style, Alpha - Apostolopoulos, Bianchi Paolo, Bulgteende Eood, Coperture De Vivo, Dickson-Constant, Dieffepiù, Dirello, Effezeta System, F.lli Giovanardi, Franco Biella, Garden Dreams Italy, Gibus, Gimenez Ganga, Centanni Group, Hella, Italcover, Leha, Lienesh Lupak Metal, Metalscreen, Metalsun, Mottura, Mv Line, Naizil, Nyx, Palagina, Plastex, Pratic F.lli Orioli, Protezioni, Renson, RGM , Solarlux Italia, Sprech, Star Progetti, Tecno Sun System, Tekno's, Tenda Maggi, Sistem Tent, Va.ila, Verelux, Vitrum Mioni and Weese.

The other halls of the Claddings, Windows and Doors section also offer interesting ideas for those looking for sun and anti-insect screens and sliding glass protection systems thanks to the presence of Adarte Outdoor Format, Allglass, Claroflex, Faraone, Fanzini, GM Morando, Logli Massimo, Metalglas Bonomi, Pellini, Serge Ferrari, Sole Pioggia Sistemi, Sunbell, Taata, Teknika and Tender while there is also an extensive range of shutters and blinds.

Design is the undeniable strong point in the quality of living as promoted by the companies present at the MADE Outdoor Sun-Sation Area. Distinctive architectural elements, pergolas and light blocking and dimming systems are adopted in landscape design projects all over the world, both in the residential sector and in high-end hotels. To anticipate the needs of designers, the pergolas are conceived and devised by design companies that constantly review lines and finishes, generating a highly profitable exchange of know-how and values ranging from formal and decorative to technical and performance aspects.

Insect protection systems are increasingly found in projects and specifications and mosquito nets and screens ensure peace of mind in every situation and are secure even in strong winds while the most innovative even filter out and retain pollens and pollutants.

The Outdoor Sun-sation Area also includes swimming pools and outdoor decking solutions as well as tension-based fabric structures and marquees that offer designers the flexibility of new construction solutions.

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