Pavilion/s 6-10

A comprehensive overview of the latest construction systems and structures in wood, panelling, concrete and steel, as well as high-performance waterproofing, insulation, protection, remediation and structural reinforcement, colour, paint, not to mention measuring, test and control systems, construction site solutions and safety.

Aimed at engineers, architects, surveyors and design professionals, construction companies and retailers.


  • Materials and prefabricated elements
  • Structures and construction systems
  • Anti-seismic systems and planning
  • Chemicals, insulation, waterproofing, remediation and protection
  • Comfort
  • Colours, external finishes and interior decoration
  • Construction site technologies and equipment 
  • Safety and security
  • Measurement, testing and control 
  • Energy saving systems for buildings
  • Controlled mechanical ventilation
  • Swimming pools
  • Landscaping, urban furnishings and equipped green spaces


Pavilion/s PAD 6 - CORSIE D & H

MADE expo propone un’inedita iniziativa volta a valorizzare le parole chiave della sua nona edizione: innovazione, sostenibilità comfort.

Nel Padiglione 6 sono state realizzate due corsie: Focus Comfort e Focus Construction, rispettivamente le D e H, dove 22 imprese, selezionate tra gli espositori di MADE expo, presentano una soluzione dall’alto contenuto in termini di innovazione tecnica e di performance.

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