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The company:

CONVEX was founded in 1991 with main activity the design and production of metal products.
Convex is a vertical integrated manufacturing unit based on modern technological and artistic dynamics and is constantly trying to improve and evolve further. With this careful approach, Convex manufactures pioneering products of high aesthetic value and has managed to be globally recognized and distinguished for its quality.
Furthermore, Convex has won design awards (Red Dot Design Award 2013) thanks to the company’s talented team of designers.
Convex, was the first company in Greece and among the first worldwide who enrolled and got certified by the Copper Development Institute to produce antimicrobial products based on copper.
Almost 25 years after its founding, the company keeps the traditional family values and incorporates the second generation while moving with the same zeal for the innovative, stylish, functional and quality product. The mission of Convex is the emergence of the Greek design spirit, through the company’s production module and to spread it out to the world.