Floema project

What can we do for you?

Everything. Became your own designer and shape your space as you want it.

Our main strengths is represented by the pursuing of a continuous interaction with the clients, as well as the ability to provide all kind of materials and finishes on the market, chosen according to the designer, but also according to the budget needs.

Thanks to our experts (architects, interior designer and builders) and our knowledge in terms of design, we offer a wide range of project fornitures, which allow you to create your own inside, completely customized and which perfectly fit with your desire. Your furniture must be at the height of your home, which means that you must choose the best. Coming from Italy, our experts are here to meet all your expectations. In a world where every detail matters you have the opportunity to leave nothing to chance. Our wide range of options are here to cover all your needs. In our philosophy, functionality and beauty go hand to hand, that is why we will strive to make no concessions. Never.

We provide any types of furniture and components, like kitchen, bedrooms and wardrobes, living, doors and woodwork, wall covering, false ceiling, hotel and restaurant furnishings, hospitals, canteens, schools and offices. This thanks to the synergies created by our companies and mostly thanks to the resources we have available, which start directly from the row material.

Our offer includes, moreover, thermal-acoustics solutions and, recently, also various types of accessories, like perfumes, curtains, soaps, chandeliers, vases and furnishing accessories.

In addition, we offer complementary services, like the furnishings installation through team of Italian professionals in the sector, with more than 20 years of experiences in the installation.

Everything pursued using designer who will accompany you from the start to the end of your project: starting from the first drafts and drawings, until his real realization, we will stay next to you. Let your mind fully expresses itself and be creative, so you will be wrapped in a stimulating environment. We are able to transform your interiors, giving life to a new atmosphere, harmonious and welcoming.