Marmorini, the great Viero classic

Elegant and sophisticated, Marmorini are a true Viero classic.

Natural lime-based and ecosustainable products ensuring ease of use and a wide range of colours, Marmorini can be used in both contemporary and historical rooms and buildings. The Lime Book provides a wide choice: Marmorin Extra, marmorino effect in a glossy Venetian style; Marmorin Sand, naturally shaded; Marmorin, lime putty-based with glossy marble effect; Marmorin Hydro, perfect for surfaces where water flows.


A collection dedicated to lime, which for centuries has been fundamental in the evolutionary process of art and architecture, handed down since Roman times as an essential element of construction. In his treatises, Vitruvius describes it as dust that naturally produces wonderful effects.

Its identity is built through a slow process, simultaneously defining its aesthetic spirit as something substantial. The white calcareous stone is cooked and freed from its weight, immersed in water and exposed to air, thus retaining composure and equilibrium. The result can be seen on the surfaces with their dense, porous and almost lightweight finishes. On them the fluidity of the mortar generates not only a peculiar movement but also a frequency that gives life to a rich texture, saturated with features such as strength, water resistance and compatibility to all things physical.


  • Marmorin Hydro