ULK Group: solutions for large outward windows

SchlegelGiesse expands its range of casing solutions with a kit of components specifically designed for the construction of large openings for smoke and heat extraction. The Ulk kit addresses the need to have a set of high-performance components that allow for the creation of top-hung openings and external bottom-hung windows (smoke vent) of considerable weight and size. By using the components of the Ulk kit, windows can be manufactured with sashes weighing up to 250 kg with top-hung opening and up to 300 kg with external bottom-hung opening (smoke vents).

The Ulk kit has been specifically designed for 17 mm door/frame stack systems, which is the sash/frame distance of all the main systems used for curtain walls. The Ulk kit consists of a pair of hinges, a pair of arms and a pair of adjustment devices, all made of stainless steel. The adjustment devices allow the height of the sash to be adjusted easily when Ulk is applied to top-hung windows.

Top-hung windows in which the Ulk kit is installed can be manually operated only if the sash weighs less than 100 kg and always in combination with limitation arms. If used in large openings with sashes weighing more than 100 kg, Ulk must be combined with the use of adequate automations. SchlegelGiesse offers its range of Varia automations consisting of 230 V chain or rack actuators for natural ventilation or in the 24 V RWA version for smoke and heat extraction. The maximum permitted sash opening in both top-hung windows and external bottom-hung windows is 300 mm.

  • ULK Group: solutions for large outward windows