ALUCOBOND® Fire Safety

In this video we will take a look at the important topic of fire safety.

Building fire performance depends on all the components and parametres involved in the façade system. We can divide these up into 5 categories:

1: Supporting structure
2: Insulation
3: Cavity barriers
4: Substructure
5: Cladding

Because building safety is of utmost importance to us, 3A Composites only sells products with fire retardant or non-combustible material cores.

Both ALUCOBOND® PLUS and the even safer ALUCOBOND® A2 have passed all international tests. These solutions are suitable for renovation or new-built projects to make buildings safe. 3A Composites works alongside regulators worldwide to improve fire safety for buildings.

We offer consulting and technical advice to find the right cladding. We also work closely with partners in areas of subconstruction and insulation. We have a comprehensive training concept for fire safe façades and are happy to assist you.

  • ALUCOBOND® Fire Safety