Interior wall cladding solutions

Quickly change the atmosphere of a room by applying wall cladding with double-sided adhesive tape.

Taking Your Processes to the Next Level

ACM panels, acrylic glass panels, HPL panels or panels made of mirror or wood are often used to quickly adapt the appearance of a room by mounting them to a substructure. They are frequently seen in hotels, offices, in hsopping mall or in subway stations. As efficient wall cladding is a key requiremtn using a double sided tape comes in handy: Quick and clean installation of the panels is possible without damaging the material or waiting for the liquid glue to cure.



- Immediate bond on various substrates (panels and substructure)

- Stable bond to keep panels in place

- High shear resistance when bonding larger or heavy elements



- Fast processes

- No curing time

- No material damage

- Invisible bond

  • Interior wall cladding solutions