Opening possibilities: adhesive tape solutions for the door industry

Our range of adhesive tapes is based on a modern and efficient bonding method: a durable bond, design flexibility, and faster processes.

Design, Durablilty, Assembly Speed

Today’s modern construction design utilizes a variety of materials and styles for doors, with the aim of achieving a clean finish. Wood, glass, metal, or fiberglass are some of the materials used for residential doors. We offer the perfect bonding solution for such materials, providing a reliable and durable bond for decades. Compared to conventional fastening methods – such as screws, rivets, or liquid glue – a clean finish as well as process improvements can be achieved using our tape.

Flush door designs with frame-concealing panels are becoming increasingly popular. Implement your design concepts, achieve a durable bond, and benefit from a fast assembly process using our tesa® ACXplus 707x series:

- Temperature- and UV-resistant design

- Immediate bond without curing

- Proven performance tested in different climates


Glass Element Bonding

Glass elements are key design features in various industries – on doors or furniture pieces, for example. Glass or window elements can be assembled in a fast and flexible way using products from our tesa® ACXplus series.


Invisible, Aesthetic Bonding of Small Parts

Decorative or small parts can be found on a number of building components, for example, elevatorsfurniture, or domestic doors. They are often made of plastic, aluminum, or wood. In order not to lose time in production, double-sided tape comes in handy during fixation: It offers clean bonding, does not require curing time, and provides a reliable and durable bond.

We offer a number of suitable products, no matter what part is bonded to whatever surface. Our extensive product assortment comprises thin filmic tapes for smooth surfaces, as well as thicker foam tapes for rougher surfaces or when gap-filling properties are required.

  • Opening possibilities: adhesive tape solutions for the door industry