verando® - Unique just like you.

The verando® decking boards

The verando® decking boards are made of Resysta®. The innovative material is mainly made of rice husks. In nature the rice husk protects the grain from external influences and doesn´t allow the moisture to penetrate. When rice is harvested, large quantities of rice husks are produced, which are unsuitable as food. Together with salt and a small amount of mineral oil they become a highly deve-loped compound: Resysta®


With verando® you make an important contribution to the conservation and protection of the world forests. No trees are cut down for verando®. The material can be completely recycled and it meets the technical and ecological requirements of tomorrow. It has all the positive qualities of tropical wood and WPC compounds, outperforming both in quality, design and durability.

  • verando® - Unique just like you.