Design "comfort living-space"

Comfort - Building well-being

Air quality, sound-proofing, the availability and intensity of natural light, appropriate insulation and energy efficiency: these are the main factors that contribute towards a healthy and comfortable home or public building.


The use of next-generation electric, plumbing and HVAC systems, along with eco-friendly construction techniques, including green roofs and walls, and the latest smart and responsive technologies, all combine to enable inhabitants and users to carry out the activities that buildings were designed for in conditions of ideal comfort.


The level of well-being afforded by homes in particular is on a par with the furniture and décor, and all play a role in personalising and constructing a residential space capable of meeting the unique needs and demands of increasingly “active” and well-informed people seeking the best possible quality of life.


Intangible aspects such as indoor heat regulation and abundant natural light contribute every bit as much as tangible physical elements towards turning buildings and homes into pleasant surroundings, and certain construction technologies seamlessly blend these two dimensions.


The south-facing thermal façade of the Plein Soleil residential apartment building designed by RH+ Architecture in Paris, for example, exploits its exposure to sunshine but also gives the apartments a private outdoor loggia that enhances the sense of cosiness and allows tenants to customise the layout.

The loggia is a “buffer space” enclosed by sliding glass panes that can be opened or closed according to the temperature outside.  In the winter months, heat is kept indoors and cold air does not infiltrate; the apartments receive fresh air that is pre-heated by a forced ventilation system that allows for significant energy savings throughout the whole year. 

The loggias provide living rooms and bedrooms with balconies and terraces that can be used as patio areas and winter gardens, becoming an extension of the living room tailored to suit the season and the occasion; these spaces can be furnished as much or as little as the tenant’s lifestyle calls for.  

Shade and privacy are ensured by the sliding glass bays, which have screens in the bedrooms but clear glass in the living rooms.