SHARING - New ways of Living

Community-Driven Architecture

Co-living e pratiche green

The MADE expo Outlook reveals that the promotion of a community spirit associated with green practices is already a consolidated practice.

Completed in 2011 in Nantes, the French Tétrarc Studio designed 39 ecological social housing accommodation units arranged as if they were eleven single-family terraced houses. The resulting unbroken volumes are laid out with a slight 21 degree inflection at their centre, defining two distinct living nuclei: one consisting of six blocks for rental, the other of five for sale.

The building not only dispenses with car garages but, in addition to offering outdoor bike parking, the living units themselves are designed with space for bicycles. To make it easy to get about, transit spaces, doorways and lifts are all plus-sized, making it possible to relatively easily maneuver bicycles and cargo bikes, which are very popular in Northern European countries for carrying children, shopping or other types of more cumbersome load, and to bring them into the home to easily unload anything they may be carrying.

This has resulted in a number of technical modifications including, for example, double doors on the lifts so that bikes always face in the right direction, and the use of cement finishing on the walls of common spaces and apartments because they are longer-lasting and easier to clean, minimizing maintenance costs. The round windows in the prospect are a metaphorical reference to bicycle wheels, which have become a formal and expressive element of inspiration.

As well as access to annual technical assistance service for their bikes, residents also enjoy a subscription to a bike-sharing service, plus access to bikes for guests and car sharing should they need a car.