Design shared spaces

SHARING - New ways of Living

SHARING - Nuovi modi di vivere

MADE expo showcases a rich and varied overview of what companies offer in terms of shared space innovation, new products and design.

Pilot ventures are being rolled out as a model nationwide: all of the stakeholders involved in the “home” world are helping to develop a virtuous and integrated system. These new types of “hybrid” buildings put community wellbeing and needs at the heart of the design process, and are conceived for groups of socially-aware people who share common practices and values.

Reinventing environments by making them multi-functional

The outdoor sector has an important role to play when it comes to creating veritable extra spaces for multiuse and multifunctional purposes accessible year-round.

The roofing on the top floor of the Soonchunhyang University building was originally conceived as an add-on to provide an evocative and functional covered space in the run-up to the annual meeting of the Korean Council for Presidents of Private Universities.

The solution chosen was to install 2 GENNIUS A4AS structures from KE Protezioni Solari, a choice that combines style and quality given that the entire implementation would subsequently become permanent as a students’ sky lounge. One characteristic of Model A is its high degree of modularity, something that lends it to roofing very large areas and offers significant scope for customization.

The sky lounge was consequently designed to meet the university student co-housing needs as a space for social aggregation and interaction.

KE CEO Simone Mazzon says, “In the social context in which living and relationship-based dynamics are far more fluid than in the past, it is fundamental for KE to propose new models of outdoor living that reflect the needs of people who live in shared spaces, whether it be co-working or co-housing.”