Comfort and outdoors

Comfort - Building well-being

MADE expo provides an extensive overview of the latest industry offerings in terms of innovation, products and design concepts in the pursuit of living comfort that drives mental and physical well-being to a new level, starting with novel uses of space.

Crucial factors in the design process include not only adopting sturdy and compliant construction systems but also, most importantly, gauging how the building will feel. Along with a welcoming atmosphere, a number of requirements also need to be satisfied to ensure that the indoor environment puts both the body and mind at ease.


Comfort and outdoors. Dining under the stars under a bioclimatic pergola

Comfort also means choosing the right protection system against direct UV radiation. Awnings are more often than not used to keep out sunlight or, at best, to protect homes from prying eyes. But in Mediterranean countries, the fact is that sun screens allow building systems to “operate” efficiently and maintain the highest standard of thermal comfort for occupants.


The “La Stanza Del Sole”, or Sun Room, created by Italian manufacturers Gibus, is an outdoor environment in which to enjoy everyday life in the open air, in the company of our nearest and dearest. The “Stanza del Sole” concept is a safe and relaxing outside space brimming with colour, light and life. Choosing a “Stanza del Sole” means treating an outdoor space like an extension of the home and creating a haven that can be used in absolute freedom all year long.


A prime example is the Roji Japan Fusion Restaurant, in Nola, a town near Naples. Three Med Twist pergolas by Gibus include Skate glass doors and 13.Qu lateral closures. The covered space is far greater than the sum of its parts. Without the bioclimatic pergolas that make up most of the restaurant, the space would not have been large enough to comfortably accommodate the business.

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“What’s really special about the interiors is that the restaurant is actually comprised of Gibus awnings. The biggest decision was to opt for the bioclimatic pergola, and all the rest just fell into place around it”, explain architects Andreana De Risi and Sabato Orlando. The installation was completed in no time at all.  “The building itself was tiny, but with this solution we created a 12 by 7 square metre dining room, including air conditioning to keep diners comfortable all day regardless of the season.


The product is amazingly versatile: suffice it to say that it blended seamlessly with all the other materials that were used. Our plans called for the restaurant to have a COR-TEN steel main door, with the Med Twist awnings in the same colour to ensure continuity and become the ideal structure to house the restaurant. Stylistically and visually, the restaurant’s furnishings and interiors are high-impact, especially the solid oak sun screens covering a part of the glazed space, which tilt 45 degrees to ensure privacy.  The delightful “dining under the stars’ experience is yet another architectural masterpiece of innovation and design.

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