Comfort as sustainability

Comfort - Building well-being

In such a scenario, context-sensitive roofs become a crucial design solution in the pursuit of optimal comfort, making buildings just as responsive to changing external conditions as living organisms. At MADE expo, environmentally sustainable product research and innovation takes centre stage

Comfort as sustainability. Resilient building envelopes shield light-filled living spaces

This is the case when completely recyclable materials like wood and PVC-aluminium are used. These two materials went into the cladding of a private home situated in a picturesque location along the South Tyrolean Wine Route near the city of Bolzano/Bozen in the Alto Adige region of Italy.

Comfort as sustainability. Resilient building envelopes shield light-filled living spaces

A resilient building envelope shields light-filled living spaces. Architect Manuel Benedikter supervised the building refurbishment, which was carried out to the highest eco-friendly standards in a style that cleverly combines the typical construction elements of the local area with details of contemporary functionality, raising home comfort and harmonious living to a whole new level.

“Aesthetically, the building needed to convey both a sense of protection towards the outside and a sense of warmth and well-being towards the inside,“ explains architect Manuel Benedikter.

To achieve this, it was decided to make extensive use of materials capable of defining the signature style of the overall renovation: metal gave the building envelope the resilience to withstand the elements, and wood to finish the interiors and create a natural, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.  The client’s brief included wanting the envelope to be made out of completely recyclable materials.

“This is one of the reasons why we chose FINSTRAL windows, which are designed to be taken apart when decommissioned at the end of their working life and recycled.

FINSTRAL windows, which offer outstanding thermal insulation properties, earned the building the CasaClima seal of approval.

The lift-and-slide French windows are larger than FINSTRAL’s standard size and feature six chambers for greater thermal insulation and 46mm triple glazing. The thermos-acoustic performance of the PVC-aluminium French windows is enhanced by their thick frame, namely the Top 90 Nova-line; large glazed surfaces and a flat threshold makes for barrier-free living.

The oversized lift-and-slide French windows let in plenty of light.  Aluminium and untreated larch insulating panels on a ventilated façade produce very effective thermal insulation. Both the client and the architect wanted a truly eco-friendly solution: wood and aluminium are both easy to disassemble if needed and be repurposed or sustainably disposed of.