MADE expo 2017: a hub for architecture and the construction industry

The event in a nutshell

MADE expo, due to take place at Milano Rho Fiera from 8 to 11 March 2017, is without a doubt the most popular international architecture and building construction show in Italy and across the Mediterranean, attracting tens of thousands of visitors from far and wide. The event is a hub for architects and builders, a springboard for exports thanks also to support from the Italian Trade Agency I.C.E., and a catalyst for driving Italy’s economic growth.

MADE expo is much more than a mere trade show. It actually offers visitors an unforgettable experience and the chance to discover, observe, understand and actually touch the latest developments and innovations showcased by some 1,400 exhibitors representing the best the market has to offer. It is a business venue that provides the ideal setting for fostering meetings and business relationships between professionals and exhibitors. The event is a networking platform offering valuable opportunities to share views and attend training and educational courses, some of which will offer continuous education credits.

Hot topics featured at MADE expo will include building, refurbishing and retrofitting sustainably, efficiently and safely, with an emphasis on issues ranging from post-earthquake reconstruction to redeveloping and regenerating urban centres and buildings, the latest trends in co-housing, the sharing economy and new ways of living, sustainable urbanscapes, and more); keeping apace with new technologies supporting architects and designers (BIM, 3D printers…). All this and more will be on the agenda at MADE expo, the ideal setting for disseminating the culture of design and living, and for setting new standards in meeting the demands of the market and society. The spotlight will also be on in-home comfort and the most advanced solutions for the building envelope, along with the superb Italian-made interiors and finishes that are attracting so much attention in the contract sector both in Italy and abroad.

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