The Architects

Alfonso Femia and Gianluca Peluffo founded 5+1 in 1995, and since then they have been dealing with design in its different thematic and functional declinations carrying out several projects in Italy, France and also extra european countries.

The idea that the city builds itself through strategic visions capable of bringing together territory and city, leads the studio to the development of several strategic master plans including the one with which Milan won the "Expo 2015".

The studio, that became 5+1AA agenzia di architettura in 2005, is based on a interdisciplinary relationship that develops itself between the studios of Genoa, Milan and Paris, creating a triangle between cities, cultures and confrontation.

They won numerous national and international prizes during the years, including the “Leone d’Argento” at the Venice Biennale for the new Cinema Palace in Venice and the title of “Benemerito” from the Culture and Art School of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

Michele De Lucchi srl is the architectural office in which Michele De Lucchi’s professional business and work is carried out. Founded in the 1980s, aMDL is managed and coordinated by Michele De Lucchi. Its structure has been adjusted in the course of time to meet his interests and the growing number of commission. The Office deal with projects of different typed and scales, from urban planning to architecture, interior and product design, exhibition, museum and retail design, and also graphics and corporate identity, for public and private clients.

arcHITects srl, founded in 2009, is a multidisciplinary architecture firm based in Milan ( Italy ) active worldwide in the  fields of design and development of projects for retail, hotel, office, entertainment and real estate sector.

The creative and business oriented approach to the design process, joined with the unique skills on acoustics, light design, project management, new materials delineate an unique profile that can offer innovative concepts and projects for B2C and B2B clients.

Baldessari e Baldessari studio, founded by Giulio, Paola and Michela Baldessari, is a professional association advice in the fields of architecture, industrial, visual and interior design.

It has several internal working groups and collaborates with a large network of outside consultants. It curates exhibitiions in Italy and abroad. It develops research activities and it is engaged in contests and expositions.

BLAARCHITETTURA is an international architectural firm based in Turin, Italy. It was founded in
2011 and works in the field of architecture, urban planning and landscape design. The firm is
followed by architects Alberto Lessan and Jacopo Bracco. Alberto also works in the Faculty of
Architecture, Polytechnic of Turin, as Teaching Assistant. Jacopo is also the head of JBL design,
manufacturer of design items from 2010. They firmly believe that architecture is assembly and
composition of different elements and different functions in the four dimensions.Their work is
published on national and international architectural magazines.

Vincenzo Corvino (1965) and Giovanni Multari (1963).

In 1995 they established corvino + multari, based in Naples and with offices in Milan. They took part in several international competitions resulting in the construction of house blocks, public and private offices, public spaces requalification.

In 2006 with the restoration project of the Pirelli skyscraper they were awarded the Special Prize for Restoration in the Medaglia d’Oro all’Architettura Italiana competition, announced by the Triennale of Milan.

In 2006 and 2012 they took part in the 10th and the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale.

Jacopo della Fontana, (M.Arch.Polytechnic of Milan).

Setting off from the native education and background of classical architecture, he gained working experience in Milan, London, Frankfurt and Osaka, before coming back to Italy. He is founder and chairman of the Milan based architectural and consultancy practice D2U - Design to Users, active in the office, retail, leisure and product design sectors.

Emotions and sophisticated Design style are Jacopo's signature; in the design of diverse projects typologies, creative solutions are always aimed to be compatible with the objectives, the financial targets and the practices of professional Clients.


The architect firm Franco Bernardini has just celebrated 25 years of activity in Hotellerie sector: from small charming Bed & Breakfast to large hotels such as the Hotel Artemide in Rome and the boutique Hotel Spadai of Florence. Currently he is renewing the Hotel IQ brand, the Hostel RomeHello and the Barberini Hotel in Rome. Particular attention is  focused on the relationship between design and urban context, often a source of inspiration for the design mood.

GaS Studio is an architectural design firm with offices in Milan, Rome and San Francisco. The rigor that characterizes our approach to architecture stems from the partner’s experience and involves a wide array of cultures and typologies. Sensitivity to the client’s strategies, to the building’s impact on its surrounding environment is fundamental to our method and the services we offer.

GaS Studio, managed in Italy by Andrè Straja, Giacomo Sicuro and Lenka Lodo, developed an impressive portfolio, with project completed in Italy and many other Countries.


ITA2A begun in 2014 by two business partners whose long-term friendship had developed during their time together, spent on board sailing and powered boats. Each one coming from different experiences in Yacht Design, we joined forces in 2009 and expanded our activities to a broad set of architectural solutions. Our tight team spirit, due to years of sail racing, is our main strength.

In each design project we are passionate about diffusing the design's culture and its attention to details, environmental sustainability, continuous research of new materials and space optimization, all necessary principles for good execution and success.

Every new concept is inspired by surroundings as well as a detailed analysis of habits, local traditions and personal wishes of those who will be living in and using such new environment.

 While we design personal and intimate spaces, we take special care in exploring and understanding all of our customer’s habits and their way of life, focusing both on the general picture and small decorative details; a home is like a tailored dress, dressmakers need to know all the sizes!

Since we begun working together we have had the opportunity to use our experiences in several Hospitality projects, working directly with customers in each step of design, from general concept, to single room, shared areas and every single interior component.

Side by side with our customers we analyze hotel dynamics, potential guest profiles, their needs and possible ways to experience their journey or vacation.

We develop our projects with careful evaluation of space functionality and usability, striving to leave a long-lasting impression with the guest, even if simply through a color, a scent or reflection of the light.

In Hospitality projects we mainly focus on materials, ease of building and maintenance, energy savings, comfort and security enhancing technologies in the pursuit of optimized solutions for both guest experience and facility management.

Our design studio is continuously researching solutions that can meet our customer's taste and functional needs, providing them with designs that are stylistically sound an exceptionally defined, whilst meeting budget and competitive pricing requirements. 

Architect and Designer Maurizio Lai was born in Padua in 1965, he studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Venice and at the Milan Polytechnic, where he graduated. He started his career as set designer for the national television and in 1998 he founded LAI STUDIO, a multidisciplinary practice that develops constant synergies between architecture and design, planning for the residential, commercial and hospitality segments. An original interpreter of contemporary aesthetics, his work is quite instinctive, finding its roots in the spectacularity of creation.

Born in 2013 thanks to an idea of the architect Lorenzo Pesaresi, LPA deals with Architecture & Engineering, Business tailor, Branding, Concept, Interior e Retail design.  

From urban design to interior design, during his professional career he has developed its expertise in the residential, educational and commercial with particular attention to hospitals, schools and the retail stores.

luoghiCOMUNI is a reality born in Rome.
It brings in its name the paradox linked to the figure of the architect and the
architectural world that it wants to overcome.
luoghiCOMUNI tries to work in countertrend: the traditional definition of Studio of Architecture itself is not sufficient to describe the will to become a real place of meeting where architects can share their professionalism and experience with their clients, in order to offer accuracy, multidisciplinary, proficiency and sustainability.
The activities of luoghiCOMUNI range from the product design to the interior, from the realization of new buildings to the restoration of
historical manufactures, from the design of exhibition spaces to the organization of events, with particular care to the materials, new
technologies and environmental economics sustainability, passing through a 360 degrees communication on traditional supports and new media.

MDU is a team association of architecture was born in Prato in 2001 and consists of three members: Alessandro Corradini, Cosi Cristiano e Marcello Marchesini.

MDU is present in Storia dell'architettura italiana 1985-2015, Marco Biraghi, Silvia Micheli, Ed. Einaudi and was selected for the 4. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura la Biennale di Venezia, Innesti/grafting, Padiglione Italia, Ed. Marsilio.

Marcello Marchesini is currently a professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara.

In 1995 Sergio Mellina founded a multi-disciplinary creative studio specialising in interior design, creative direction and corporate identity, which in 2000, in cooperation with architect Clara Corti, became MELLINACORTISTUDIO. Our multi-disciplinary studio boasts a wide range of project types, from architecture and design to creative direction and corporate identity, keeping always in touch with the fashion industry. Keen attention to detail and the highest quality control standards are at the core of our service. Architecture is the concrete expression of an idea, it is about finding a solution to what seems to be impossible to solve, about looking beyond what you see. Thanks to a fine selection and a unique blend of distinguished materials, we offer one-of-a-kind, custom-made concept designs. We adopt the same analytical and distinct detail-focused approach to bring out the best of corporate identity consultancy, creating a perfect marriage of innovative ideas and state-of-the-art visual communication strategies masterly designed and executed within various advertising campaigns

MIRO is an innovative Italian architecture firm based in Bologna (Italy).

Since its foundation in 2009 it was ment and structured with an international outlook, developed into a lively practice with an inspired propensity for research. The studio operates mostly on residential and commercial interior design and external settings, living the daily challenge to find in every project a key to make innovative concepts meeting the ambitions of the client.


MYGG ARCHITECTURE is an architectural and interior design practice based in Milano. The extensive planning and design experience gained within international commercial, office, hospitality and entertainment fields have today become the basis of MYGG, with clients spanning both the public and private sectors. Through its constant research and innovation MYGG remains dynamic and forward-thinking generating valuable architecture and design.

Next urban solutions was established in 1999. The firm works in almost every field of architecture, realizing private housing, commercial buildings projects, public structure as well as exhibits design and landscape planning. In this years the firm, exploring new possibilities through experimental project, has developed a personal design strategy based on a deep knowlege of our client’s needs before turning to the formal and concrete aspect of design. Founded in 1999 by partners Carlotta Giannessi and Luca Milan, the office take advantage of different professional skills to achive standards of excellence. Our approach is to involve in an early stage the different disciplines of engineering, programming and costing in order to explore the potential and the feasibility of a project both simultaneously and interdependent.

Principals projects include the Ancient Library in the Astronomical Observatory of Rome, the Roma Museum in Abu Dhabi - Rome, the Observatory Park at Monte Porzio Catone, For the celebrations of the 150° anniversary of the unification of Italy, the office was in charge for the Museum of the Repubblica Romana in Rome, the Garibaldi Memorial in Caprera and the temporary exhibition “Da sud” in Naples. In 2013 Next in partnership with Paolo Mantero architetto were n charge for the interior design of the new headquarter of BNL BNP Paribas Group in Roma Tiburtina.

Nisi Magnoni graduates in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano in 1992  and immediately opens his studio, NM Architetti, dedicating himself to design without neglecting teaching, which he still continues at the Politecnico di Milano, at the Poli Design and at the Domus Accademy.

The professional and human experience acquired during these years have made him a complete architect who is able to combine creativity, technical expertise and love for architecture.

His projects range from art-hotels to restaurants, from private houses to showrooms and industrial design, all featuring constant research, passionate care for detail, unconventional use of materials, of colours and of light, so as to create unique atmospheres.

One Works is an independent design and consultancy firm that integrates Architecture, Infrastructure and Urban Engineering turning visions into reality. Most of our projects deal with crowded spaces that host millions of people a year; their design implies extensive knowledge of the physical, historical, social, functional and environmental context.

One Works is present in six strategic locations, three historical offices in Italy (Milan, Rome, and Venice) together with the London, Doha and Dubai offices (and relative subsidiary location in Riyadh).


 PERALTA - design & consulting is an international practice base in Rome, specialized in the design of public and private architecture, interior design, and urban and landscape design with a specific interest in experimentation and application of environmentally sensitive technologies. The studio has an internal staff of architects and engineers and, along with a network of important consultants and collaborators in Italy and abroad, has successfully completed many projects of different scale. Peralta’s projects have received important acknowledgments, prizes and international awards and are published in prestigious books and specialized magazines.

Eclecticism, research and mutation are the cornerstones of the Pierattelli Architetture's work, firm founded in the 80s by Massimo Pierattelli. Each architecture is conceived as a taylor made creation shaped not only around the customer, but also the context in which it is located. Reinterpret the past and imagine the future became ,therefore, the main foundation of the Pierattelli Architetture's work.

Architect, designer, artist. He graduated in architecture in Florence in 1989 where he currently lives and works. Right from the beginning, he receives numerous awards for national and international competitions in the field of design and architecture. In 1998 he co-founds Studio63 a + d, an international brand of architecture and design, specializing in the retail concept design, interior design, product design, art direction and design consultant for furniture and fashion companies. In parallel, from 2015 on, he pursues his activities as freelance and personal design research.

PLS DESIGN is an international architectural studio located in Firenze. It was established in 2002 from the collaboration of architects Lino Losanno and Lorenzo Perini.

Lino Losanno studied architecture in Napoli. He continued his studies at the Écoles d'Art Américaines in Fontainebleau, France and also at the Pratt Institute in New York where he lived for a number of years and collaborated with various architecture and interior design firms.

Lorenzo Perini studied architecture in Firenze. Afterwards, he relocated to London and collaborated on numerous projects with Architect Nigel Coates.

From 1996 to 2002, Lino and Lorenzo were both associates at Nardi Associates where they were responsible for the retail sector including Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Ferré, Malo, Nannini, and Iceberg as well as the architecture sector for the United States and Middle East.

Since 2002 PLS DESIGN has been involved in international projects of interior design, architecture, and restoration.

Firstly founded in 2007 by architects Luca Bigliardi and Luca Gobbo, PRINCIPIOATTIVO evolved into PRINCIPIOATTIVO Architecture Group Srl in 2014.
Now both a creative lab and a project management firm, PA offers architectural solutions for the residential, commercial, exhibition and tertiary sectors.

By relying on an extensive network of professionals of the highest calibre, we offer a wide-range of tailored services. We take pride in our collaborative approach and ensure our team members work in synergy with our clients to achieve results and exceed expectations.

Tommaso Rossi Fioravanti (Firenze, 1973)

He studied architecture in Valencia, he graduated in Florence with a degree in urban design that was exhibited at the Venice Biennale and he did his first work experience in prestigious international studies. He's associated with the study Rosso19 in Florance, which deals with public and private building and he takes part in architectural competitions also obtaining international recognition.

Currently he is President of the “Florance Architects Foundation”.


Barbara Monica (Parma, 1970)


She graduated in architecture in Florence whith a published thesis on the “Palazzo della Signoria”. She began her carrer practicing in renowned studios, getting passionate interior architecture. She opened the study Rosso19, continuing she's collaboration with the University. She has been university assistant for the Architecture Relief course at the Univeristy of Flerance. Many her projects have been published in some italian and european magazines.

Based in Rome, Studio Architettura S + A was founded in 2013 as an architecture lab where the passion for details, technological innovation and re-engineering contributed to a significant growth over the years, thanks to a diverse body of high profile planning and management work, including the redevelopment of historic properties in Rome, the completion of hotels and hostels, prestigious apartments, luxury residences, commercial spaces and urban planning. In 2016 we moved to our current atelier with new people and a new partnership studio formula.

Sperastudio is a contemporary laboratory which continuously doing research for innovative living solutions. It works in area of architecture and design with paying special attention in materials and new technologies.
Studio was established by people from different  fields of study. Sperastudio use BIM method building design information, a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places.

Stornello Architecture Studio was founded in 2003, in Modica (RG), by the Architect Antonio Stornello.

Since 2015, Architect Salvo Fidone adds himself to the staff. The staff, with a constant  collaboration of different and external professionals, from the engineers to the lighting designer, using BIM and 3D design,  aims to fix projects which best can answer to ambiental requirements.



Studio D73 by Marco Vismara and Andrea Viganò is specialized in architectural and interior design projects in a wide international dimension. Studio D73 deals with interior design, different private and commercial projects, from analysis to production, and carries out the project phases thanks to a very efficient team of professionals based in the headquarter in Italy and the other offices in Moscow, Tbilisi, Beirut, Lugano and Tunis. Within the past few years, Studio D73 has grown and reached many countries abroad, mainly in Russia, East Europe and North Africa, with the aim of keeping growing in new countries in the near future. State-of-the-art design project solutions by Studio D73 include project and interior design for Spa, Villas, Hotel, Showroom and residential buildings.  

Didea is an integrated architecture, interior, branding and design firm based in Palermo.The partners are : Nicola Giuseppe Andò, Emanuela di Gaetano, Alfonso Riccio,Giuseppe De Lisi.
After an in-depth analysis of the urban and historic project’s context, DiDea design approach starts from the very first concept to working plan, throughout a precise choice of artisans and contractors
and a careful works supervision, maintaining a continuos dialogue with the clients, so as to meet their needs and desires.

Exciting, fluid, functional, this is the language that distinguishes Marco Piva’s architectural creations, product design and interior design.

Marco Piva, a traveller and a designer, an innovator who is dedicated to create design solutions pervaded by stylistic freedom.

Currently, Studio Marco Piva is engaged in the development of  residential complex and prestigious private houses in China, United States, India, Montecarlo, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Algeria and Albania, and in the creation of design furniture and complements  for the main companies in this field.

Studio Simonetti established itself as one of the most important players in the architecture’s world related to hospitality, designing more than forty hotels (3000 rooms), among them several five-star hotels. All projects are defined by a timeless and unique style free from fashion and trends. 40 years in business, the story of a professional success, as witnessed by awards and prizes, which renews in every project with solutions that do combine aesthetic, functionality and design.

Studio999 was established in 1999 by architects Elena Carmagnani, Giorgio Davì and Gabriele Gatti. The firm is located in Torino, Italy and its headquarter was realized in 2003 in a former warehouse, refurbished as a co-housing with a community rooftop garden. STUDIO999 works mainly in building design and refurbishment, with a special attention to sustainable architecture, landscaping and co-design processes.

Studioata is a group of young professionals and architects. Set up in 1997, Studioata represents the will of its members to widen their own educational and cultural process. At studioata all participants can cultivate their own interests. Studioata is a receptacle of stimulations and experiences, a catalyst of energies, an emitter of impulses.

ASZarchitetti presents today a new sister company, that focuses on the creative activities:


Where ASZ is a powerful realization tool that prides itself on acting locally in different regions, SFD* represents the thoughts behind it: it is a creative lab, a think tank, or simply the place where our ideas are born.

In practical terms, SFD* inherits the creativity of our business since 1998 and projects it into a positive future, by searching for innovative design ideas in the modern world: globally, virtually and mainly looking for a new sustainability approach.

An expert in urban planning and architectural design, he competes in concept and design competitions for the restoration and reutilization of abandoned areas.

He develops the plans and oversees the work for renovations and realization of new projects, including interior design and home staging.

Since 2008 he has been President as well as founding partner of the cultural associazione GGAF - Gruppo Giovani Architetti Firenze (Young Architects Group Florence) - organizing exhibitions, meetings, and debates on the subject of architecture and the city.

Uncprogetti is a Florence-based architecture studio with a strong international character, created by Angelo
Milano, Lucia Di Blasi, Iacopo Frassanito and Chiara Gorni. The studio addresses a large variety of projects
ranging from urban landscape to industrial design. Architecture is conceived as a way to experience
innovative formal solutions that mixes together modern materials with the old rules of building.

Unostudio associated architects carry out their activities dealing with different topics of type and function, designing buildings and installations with rigor and innovation. The working method is based on 'analysis of the requests and the sharing of design choices, through a face synthesis route to an ethical and consistent results. The complexity and the scale of the tasks do not change the approach, always characterized by a constant deepening of functional issues together with the compositional themes. The identity of a space, its construction logic are the end of the research work which characterizes our experience of architects, always tied to the contemporary intended as a value with which to measure, over and beyond fashion.

Concept, innovation, beauty, functional integration and a conscious approach to energy are our guideline principles. We work on residential, spaceplanning and commercial projects, providing our clients with full architectural and interior design, retail and furniture design services, masterplanning and technical advisory. Dynamic and competitive services are provided thanks to technical know-how and a large experience and creativity of our team.