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MOODBOARDS is the name of an exhibition created by Studio Marco Piva and designed to provide MADE expo visitors with a short but exciting overview of the latest trends in interior architecture.

The “soul” of the world’s major cities is the common thread running through the event, which illustrates how architects go about choosing and combining the finishes and materials required to develop architectural and interior design projects all over the world.

For visitors to MADE Interiors and Finishes, MOODBOARDS will serve as a tool for learning and discovery, adding value by conveying the vision of Architect Marco Piva, who attributes the utmost importance to surface finishes in the design and redevelopment of spaces.

With a selection of hand-picked products, Marco Piva has created a series of MOODBOARDS inspired by the cities and environments that form the backdrop of the project. Though situated in locations far and wide, all reflect the designer’s desire to employ the most fitting materials, finishes, textures and patterns, bringing them together in compositions prized as stylishly sophisticated mixed media works that almost enjoy a life of their own within the framework of the project, rising to the status of star attractions.

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The Exhibition aims to showcase a series of mixed-media sets (MOODBOARDS) capable of opening up a whole new interpreta5on of contemporary design materials and ground breaking avenues of functional and aesthetic research to trade visitors and businesses.

The event will be set up as a Workshop Space, giving visitors the opportunity to appreciate the beauty, tactile properties and sumptuousness of the materials and finishes displayed by the leading names in the industry.

Material Tables will provide support and additional information concerning the products and materials, thus fostering a more lively and documented interaction between designer and supplier.

There will also be information materials, video installations and a virtual data navigation system embedded in several projects already completed by the Studio.

Dedicated workstations devoted exclusively to partecipating exhibitors will facilitate building relatioonships, provide instant product details and broaden the visitor’s gaze to encompass the complete range of proposed solutions.


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The products chosen by MOODBOARDS

  • Floors
  • Interior and exteriors coatings and cladding
  • Finishes
  • Paints
  • Doors
  • Handles
  • Glazing