Building and renovating in a sustainable and safe way

Pavilion/s 1 Sustainability - 10 Innovation

MADE expo’s platform for experimenting, producing
and circulating innovative practices

Conferences, Meetings, Workshops, Prototypes and interactive Labs will provide valuable technical, scientific and regulatory insights into solutions, materials and technologies for the design, the renovation and the construction of comfortable, safe and sustainable buildings



And furthermore...

Self-powering prototypes are to be displayed which will have been designed paying the utmost attention to the environmental impact of the materials used as well as to the dwelling comfort provided by these materials over time.
A system will be put in place which will constantly monitor temperature, humidity, Co2 levels of the environment, surface temperature of the different components, that of the opaque and transparent closing systems and so forth; the permanence of the visitors inside the prototypes will be supported by dynamic projections, background sound and diffused lighting.

Knowledge, networking and sharing opportunities...

free wi-fi zone, welcome area, lounge, entertainment technologies and
services, videos, touchscreens, music for a full immersion

You can get training credits attending at conference and workshop

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