The Exhibitors have their say


MADE expo is a valuable showcase for Alpewa; it’s the ideal place to meet architects and designers. They brought their plans directly to our booth at MADE expo 2015, looking for products and solutions.

Armando Minoliti
Head of Technical and Sales Department Alpewa


MADE expo is a specialised technical event with its feet planted firmly on the ground, which is why Effeitalia has believed in it since the very start. And our confidence has always been rewarded by the interest and enthusiasm that visitors have displayed towards our products.

Franca Cavagnoli
Chief Executive Officer Effeitalia


A company like ours that lives and works in the windows business can’t afford to miss what we consider to be the number one trade show with a reach that stretches way beyond Italy’s borders.

Antonio Corengia
Chief Executive Officer Erco

Fom Industrie

It is the Italian trade show par excellence for building envelope technology and materials. Every two years we come to MADE expo with a stronger than ever conviction that it is the only comprehensive event that no one operating in this business can afford to miss.

Alessandro Pettinari
Director Fom Industrie


MADE expo is without a doubt an institutional event for door manufacturers, so we simply can’t afford to miss it. Over the years I have noticed more and more non-Italian visitors in attendance, and for a company like ours it is crucial to boost our
visibility on export markets.

Gianluca Garofoli
Chief Executive Officer Garofoli

Hella Italia

MADE expo gives our group exposure towards a very important audience of potential clients, including all the professionals who work in this sector, from retailers and windows manufacturers to architects. With MADE expo we can communicate with them all, across the board.

Herbert Kristler
Chief Executive Officer Hella Italia

Imola Tecnica

We believe MADE expo is an unmissable meeting place for discussing technical
issues relating to energy savings as well as for defining current problems and looking ahead at future solutions that we believe we can offer.

Luca Mastroiacovo
General Manager Imola Tecnica

Keller AG

MADE expo 2015 exhibition is different to
other building exhibitions in this world. Strong design orientation of the exposed
products and the place make the difference.

Jörg Heinemann
Managing Director Sales & Marketing Keller AG

Logli Massimo

Targeted visits, high profile dialogue partners, business opportunities. These, in a nutshell, are the reasons why Logli Massimo S.p.A. participated in the last edition of MADE expo. “We are market leaders in accessories and we have an appetite and strong focus on breaking new ground in terms of technology and research. The MADE expo show, which is devoted to the building industry, design
and architecture, is a unique meeting place for players throughout the pipeline” explains Massimo Logli. The 200 sqm booth enabled Logli to put its best foot forward, and show visitors how much painstaking research and development the company has put into its products.

Massimo Logli
Chief Executive Officer Logli Massimo


Over recent years, MADE expo has proven itself to be a vital channel for communicating with our target markets and for raising our profile. It’s the ideal showcase for rolling out new products, making new contacts and strengthening ties with architects, designers, businesses and retailers. It’s a way to drive brand awareness.

Luca Beligni
Head of Marketing Laterlite

Logical Soft

MADE expo is the perfect Milan-based trade show for meeting architects and designers; Logical Soft stages educational and training events of the highest scientific quality on the use of innovative design tools. MADE expo offers a jam-packed four-day schedule of meetings and discussions amongst the biggest names in Italian architecture.

Luca Galuzzi
Sole Administrator Logical Soft


It’s an unparalleled opportunity to showcase our new products before a highly specialised audience comprised especially of architects and designers; we meet more of them at MADE expo than at any other comparable event. This is vital for MAPEI, as we offer technical solutions for everything from the foundations to the roof and have a very strong focus on the aesthetic properties of both indoor and outdoor finishes.

Adriana Spazzoli
Director of Operational Marketing Mapei