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The company:

Artpole – one of the leading manufacturers of 3D gypsum wall panels

Our eco-friendly, soundproofing, absolute incombustible 3D panels with reduced weight which can be easily installed as seamless monolithic composition are presented in more than 400 store units.

Artpole gypsum panels have no chemical additives and can be used as wall covering for both public places (e.g. hotels, offices, trade & business centers, etc.) and private houses (e.g. living-room, bedroom, nursery).

Artpole has more than 40 designs in its portfolio including such hits as (Silk, Sandy, Aristocrate, Foggy, Mercury, Sahara)

We regularly include new items into our portfolio.

Artpole is also ready to make for you custom-made designs.

Artpole Catalogue

Now you can buy Artpole panels through our distributors in USA, UK, Italy, Baltic States, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrein, Kuwait, Iran.

We're looking for new country distributors and dealers and will be glad to see you as our new partner.