Voilàp opens the doors of View: here to you the showroom 4.0

Connects virtual reality and physical spaces; a new shopping experience to satisfy the new generation consumers.

There is great anticipation for the arrival of Voilàp, the digital company of emmegi group, and for the presentation of view, the innovative virtual reality configurator that is changing the way you present and sell products, both on the web and in the real world.

View presents the products, virtualizes them, allows you to configure them in all possible variations and combinations and display in real-time all the customer choices.

Presentation and configurability are important but to transform the interest in the sale is necessary to give a correct quote to the customer, in the shortest possible time; for this reason View uses all the data that the user enters in the aesthetic configuration of the product to make it much faster the whole of the budget creation process.

The whole experience is very simple but extremely addictive: View speaks the language of the end user, making it aware of his choice and simply a technical product as the window frame.